Saturday, November 7, 2009

How to Use High Quality Flickr Photos on Your Site Under Creative Commons License

Creative commons and Flickr. If you need a photo to spice up your site or blog, search within Flickr for photos that you can freely use. Many of the photos on Flickr can be used under a Creative Commons license. What this means is that all you have to do is give proper credit for a photo, and you can use it legally and without paying anyone.

To do it, go to Flickr, search for the kind of photo you want, then on the search results page, choose the 'Advanced Search' option, choose one of the Creative Commons option to limit your search for photos that you can use with one of the Creative Commons options.

Once you find the picture you want, look for the 'Additional Information' heading, and click on the 'some rights reserved' link to find out how you should give credit for the photo.

The photo in this post is an example of that process. The shot is of the aftermath of a 2004 plane crash in Colorado that killed three people on the aircraft. One of the comments happened to include a link to the NTSB report.

The source of the photo was from Flickr user Greg Younger, and license information is available at Flickr.

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